Sale on In Stock Cabinets: 10% Off

country linen customizationIn addition to our sale on American made cabinets, this month our in stock and imported cabinets are also priced 10% off! That’s a lot of cabinets in country linen and mocha glazed colors. We have 50 different sizes – including broom closets and corner cabinets and over the refrigerator! Mix and match them for a custom look.

And the cabinets aren’t just for the kitchen! Customers have used them in closets, offices, laundry areas, and family rooms. Imagine all the possibilities for these practical, gorgeous, honest-to-goodness all wood cabinets.

We’ll assemble for you, or you can save even more if you put them together yourself.

     While we make every effort to ensure accuracy, prices are subject to change without notice.