What You Need To Protect Your Home from the FREEEEZE

protecting pipes from coldIt’s just not getting any warmer. Take a look at the forecast, bundle up, then head over to Southside to take some steps to protect your home from the plummeting temps!

1. Pipe insulation. This handy stuff works like a jacket for your pipes. It’s essentially a tube with a slit in it so it’s easy to install.
2. Space heaters and lamps. Adding just a bit of heat can raise the temperature just enough. This is important if you have pipes that run into an unheated space – like an outdoor utility room that holds a water heater, or a room that has pipes on an outside wall – like a guest bathroom or a laundry room.
3. Spray insulation. If you have open space in the walls around your pipes, spray in insulation can be used to seal gaps that may let in cold air.
4. Fiberglass insulation. One roll of insulation can be cut into pieces to fill in the vents to your crawl space or any other smaller gaps that are letting in cold air.
5. Frost-Proof Sill-Cock. Change your outdoor faucet to one of these genius inventions that will keep the water supply pipe away from the cold faucet head.

Ride on over to Southside Bargain Center and grab these supplies that will help you keep your home safe and warm!

     While we make every effort to ensure accuracy, prices are subject to change without notice.