Lumber: More Wood Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Learn what local builders and do-it-yourself experts know: Southside Bargain Center stocks an incredible selection of lumber.

Compare Southside Bargain Center’s prices to any other building supply and you’ll know why folks continue to shop here. Or as one of the guys working in the lumberyard quipped, “Great prices and great service. That’s why they come here.”

We routinely stock:

    •Pressure treated lumber ranging from 2x4x8 up to 2x12x16 – quality grade #1 or #2.
    •Decking boards starting at 8 feet and going up to 16 feet.
    •Framing lumber sizes from 2 x 4 x 8 up to 2 x 12 x 16 – #2 grade

And you’ll find a variety of plywood too:

    •CDX plywood
    •BC plywood
    •Birch plywood 3/4 inch
    •Lauan plywood 1/4 inch
    •OSB 7/16th & ¾

You’ll probably meet Eddie, Oscar and Patrick at the lumber yard. They’re friendly, and when lumber needs to be loaded, they work quickly. Once you’ve chosen and purchased your supplies, we’re happy to load it for you. Or if you prefer, we offer delivery.

Drop by and have a look for yourself. We’d love to show you around.

PS If you need a saw for the project you have in mind, talk to us about renting one.

     While we make every effort to ensure accuracy, prices are subject to change without notice.