Free Advice!

Help at adviceOne of the best things about Southside is that we share our knowledge with you for the asking – absolutely free. Our amazing sales staff has years and years of experience in every area of home improvement. We’ve been there done that, whether it be roofing, plumbing, installing floors, decorating, measuring for cabinets, or putting in a window.

For example…

Gary actually had his on flooring store for 30 years before he ‘retired’ and came to us. He sold and installed carpets, hardwoods, vinyl, and laminates. Ask him.

Israel has pretty much been installing cabinets all his life. He worked alongside his father when he was a child, which is where he gets his commitment to perfection!

Jeff was a roofer, before we offered him a job 20 years ago. He’s been here ever since. Jeff knows roofing up one side and down the other.

John has been in the building business for 65 or 70 years. He’s in the paint department most days, happy to help you.

Johnny’s been in the industry for 40 years. He and his father owned a doors business before he came to Southside. He’s now the manager for the lumber division, where they make doors.

And of course there’s Joe, our general manager. For 30 years Joe has been helping contractors get everything they need to build houses – from the fill dirt up to the shingles.

No matter who you run into at Southside, they have a wealth of information to share with you. Just ask. Free advice – just another one of the bargains on every aisle at Southside!

     While we make every effort to ensure accuracy, prices are subject to change without notice.